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Our school is organized into interdisciplinary teams, within these teams, we offer four levels of curriculum: Honors, AVID, Grade Level, to Intervention support. Each of these academic programs utilizes standards based instructional strategies and standards based materials, creating a challenging environment and maintaining high expectations for our students academically and behaviorally.

Honors Classes

If your student is interested in Honors classes, you will need to submit a Middle School Honors Application/Agreement and send an Honors Program Teacher Recommendation to your current 5th grade teacher. 

Students will be able to apply for placement in one, two or all three Honors classes (English, History and/or Science).  Information used to determine placement will include MAP and CAASPP test data, grades in the core subject areas, and school/teacher recommendations.  Motivation, work habits, and interest level of the student relative to each subject requested will also be considered as those skills align with the College & Career Readiness Standards articulated in the Common Core Standards.