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Advanced Art

Advanced art is a one-year class offered to 7th-8th graders. We will go beyond the basics in the genres of drawing and painting. Additionally, students will have a chance to create large scale sculptures, murals, and work with clay.

7th/8th Grade AVID

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) gives students the skills and confidence needed to be successful in college or the workplace including research, information analysis, organization, collaboration and more.

Beginning Band

Beginning Band is offered to 6th- 8th graders with little or no music experience. Students will learn to read and play music with a traditional band instrument of their choice. Our beginning band will have multiple opportunities to showcase their musicianship through concerts at football games, pep rallies, formal concerts, community events, parades, music festivals, and more!

Intermediate Band

This band is for students that have previous experience playing an instrument. Students in this class will continue to develop their ability to read and perform music in a FUN and positive environment. Our ensemble will have multiple opportunities to showcase their musicianship through concerts at football games, pep rallies, formal concerts, community events, parades, music festivals, and more! Acceptance is by audition or teacher recommendation.


Choir is offered to 6th- 8th graders at Pasteur. Our choir is a combination of beginners through advanced singers. Students in choir learn to sing, read music, and develop basic piano skills. Our choir will have multiple opportunities to perform, including: formal concerts, San Juan Sings, Singing at the River Cats Game, and many others!


Students in the class create and broadcast daily announcements and produce the annual yearbook. Students will act as anchors, reporters, camera operators, artists, and editors. Students will learn photography, videography, design, layout, and basic acting.

Student Government

Students in the class have an important leadership role at Pasteur. They plan most of the student activities and charitable events for the school. During the school day, Student Government sponsors many activities including school rallies, Boo and Valentine Grams, Red Ribbon Week activities, and opportunities for community service by supporting local agencies such as the Orangevale Food Bank. They facilitate a new program for students who start school mid-year, maintain the school bulletin boards, and decorate for dances. Students must be able to stay after school on some days.

Beginning Strings

This class is for students with little or no musical background that are interested in learning to play ukulele. Students will learn to read music, play simple melodies, and participate in multiple recitals. Ukuleles will be provided for students to use in class.

Teacher/ Office Assistants

Students work with teachers, or in the office, as assistants in the classroom and school. Tasks might include filing, copying, assembling work projects, delivering passes, and other responsibilities. Generally for 8th grade students.

The Elective Wheel (Exploration)

Students will have the opportunity to take two of the four elective classes below during the school year. Students are randomly placed and will roll to a new elective in the second semester.

Art: Art is an introductory class that teaches the elements and principles of art through various mediums and styles. Students will experience and create projects that range from drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, to ceramics. We culminate our semester with a hands-on project-based field trip in the Sacramento area. Students may also partner with one of our feeder schools to collaborate on projects.

Computer Applications: Students are exposed to a variety of software products using Windows 10 computers. The class helps prepare students for success in other curricular courses, high school, and the workplace. Students learn in a "hands-on" environment while having fun! Applications covered in this course include Keyboarding, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Graphics, and Video, Exposure to HTML, Instructional Games, Career Futures, and 3d Modeling.

Music Appreciation: This class is for students with no musical background. Students will learn basic piano skills, music theory, rhythms with bucket drumming, music history, and basic composition skills using GarageBand in this class.

Wood Shop: Wood Shop is an introductory class that teaches students the proper and safe use of machines and tools. Students will learn basic carpentry and construction techniques. Topics covered in the class include woodcutting, hammering, drilling, joinery, and finishing. They will produce a variety of projects using tools and skills practiced in the shop.